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Friday, January 29, 2016

Gandhi books at 50% discount as Bapu's death anniversary arrives

Gandhi books at 50% discount as Bapu's death anniversary arrives

Mahatma Gandhi Books Exhibition
On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's 68th death anniversary coming up January 30, a Gandhian organisation in Mumbai is once again offering enormous discounts on books about his life.

The Mumbai Sarvodaya Mandal and Gandhi Book Centre is offering upto 50% discount on 250 titles written by and about Gandhiji and Vinoba Bhave in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. These are being sold from January 27-February 3 at a makeshift mandap at Hutatma Chowk, Fort, as well as in its own premises at Gandhi Book Centre, Nana Chowk, Tardeo. The timings are from 11.00am to 7.00pm.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vinobaji's views on 'Non-violence training'

Vinobaji's views on 'Non-violence training'

Questions & answers between Shri Ramchandraji, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi and Vinobaji, March 1971, Brahma Vidya Mandir


Question: We are in the process of starting a school of Non-violence. What would be an appropriate goal for this school that will galvanize the youth and workers like the goal of independence did during our freedom struggle?
Answer: There is no doubt that the freedom struggle inspired a lot of educated persons in which we, who are now aged, participated. Thinking back, we now realize that even though there was great enthusiasm, it was negative thinking. There were no positive expectations in wanting the English to leave, though Gandhiji tried to introduce constructive activities in his struggle for independence. But the people did not fully implement his programs of non-violence and constructive work in accordance with his wishes and hence the struggle cannot be called totally non-violent.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gandhi Journal Article - I

King of Kindness

Vinoba Bhave and His Nonviolent Revolution

By Mark Shephard

"Jai jagat! - Victory to the world!."  - Vinoba

Once India gained its independence, that nation's leaders did not take long to abandon Mahatma Gandhi's principles. Nonviolence gave way to the use of India's armed forces. Perhaps even worse, the new leaders discarded Gandhi's vision of a decentralized society - a society based on autonomous, self-reliant villages. These leaders spurred a rush toward a strong central government and an industrial economy as found in the West.

Yet Gandhi's vision was not abandoned by all. Many of Gandhi's "constructive workers" - development experts and community organizers working in a host of agencies set up by Gandhi himself - resolved to continue his mission of transforming Indian society.

Leading them was a disciple of Gandhi previously little known to the Indian public, yet eventually regarded as Gandhi's "spiritual successor": a saintly, reserved, austere individual called Vinoba.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happiness in ‘Giving Theory of Economics’ – Giftivism

Happiness in ‘Giving Theory of Economics’ – Giftivism

Whenever we perform an act of charity or give something to someone out of compassion, we feel a sense of superiority; that we are in some way above them, better than them or more powerful than them. But when we ‘gift’ someone something, then we do not feel that we are a ‘giver’; but act out of a sense of love and affection.

Imagine a restaurant where there are no prices on the menu and where the bill, after you have had a hearty meal, is Rs. 0.00. What would be your reaction to this kind of an experience?

You will probably think what kind of topsy-turvy reasoning is this! How is this possible? And that too in today’s selfish world! Impossible! But, yes, this is happening and that too in a consumerist and materialistic country like America.