Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gandhi Journal Article-II (September 2015) : Schumacher on Gandhi

Gandhi Journal Article-II (September 2015) : Schumacher on Gandhi

By Surur Hoda  
Gandhi’s visions of Gram Swaraj (i.e. self-sufficient but inter-linked village republics with decentralised small-scale economic structure and participatory democracy) left him immediately at odds with many in the Indian National Congress and outside who sought to develop India as a ‘modern’ industrial nation state. To Gandhi, political freedom was merely the first step towards attainment of real independence which entailed achieving social, moral and economic freedom for seven hundred thousand villages. ‘If the villages perish India will perish’ he had said. But the majority of academically-trained, so-called modern economists called his vision ‘retrograde’. Some extremists even described it as ‘reactionary’ or ‘counter-revolutionary’ which aimed to put the clock back.

Many of those who admired his skill in leading the struggle for national liberation reluctantly tolerated his views as the price to pay for his political leadership. They were sold on the concept of large-scale urban industrialisation, mass production and economics of scale. They failed to understand Gandhi’s economic insight and criticised him by saying ‘Whatever Gandhi’s merit as “Father of the Nation”, he simply does not understand economics.’
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Friday, September 4, 2015

Gandhi Journal Article-I (September 2015) : Timeless efficacy of Gandhian Key to Health

Gandhi Journal Article-I (September 2015)

Timeless efficacy of Gandhian Key to Health

By Dr. Persis Latika Dass  
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lovingly called “Bapu” by millions and acclaimed as the harbinger of independence in British ruled India, valued life close to nature, for its simplicity and spirituality, and evolved practical and simple rules of health. He had almost a religious faith in vegetarianism and said, “As a searcher for Truth I deem it necessary to find the perfect food for a man to keep body, mind and soul in a sound condition.” According to him, man is not the owner of his body to do as he pleased, but a guardian taking good care of it, in order to “serve God and His creation.”


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