Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts make debut in Mao's China

Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts make debut in Mao's China

The first Chinese version of a book on Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts was launched in Beijing on Monday, marking the debut of Gandhian philosophy in a country intensely dominated by the ideology of 'Chairman' Mao Zedong.

'Gandhi's Outstanding Leadership', written by former Indian diplomat-turned-Gandhian Pascal Alan Nazareth, was released at the Peking University's Centre for India Studies in the presence of Indian Ambassador to China S Jaishankar.

Prof Shang Quanyu, a history professor with the South China Normal University, translated the book into Madarin. He described the book as a "trail blazer".

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gandhi Journal Article - III

International Peace and Gandhian Thought

By Dr. Shubhangi Rathi

Great men have always been struggled and fought against the prevailing social evils and human suffering, history of humanity shows it. One among of them is great man Gandhi in human history. Gandhi responded to the challenges of the given historical situations. He realized the historical necessities of his times and tried to actualize the needs and inspirations of the people in his own way.

The issue of non-violence and global peace raises certain philosophical and moral questions such as- What is the meaning of non-violence. Does non-violence the only solution to the ills of an age threatened by nuclear weapons? Does peace possible in a world where a vast majority of people live under conditions of ignorance, hunger, poverty, injustice, and tyranny? Do violence and war rooted in human nature? Does non-violence and peace presuppose moral transformation of individuals? What is the ultimate goal of humanity? In what direction it is progressing? Is peace possible without unifying moral principles and ethical ideals to the whole of humanity?

The greatest and the most unique contribution of India to the contemporary world is the message of non-violence and peace. Especially the technique of Satyagraha or non-violent are direct action, formulated and practiced by Gandhi. India's distinctive mind and face are stamped with Gandhian impact among the people of global community as well as among the member countries of the United Nations Organization.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gandhi Journal Article - II

Swadeshi: The Greatest Vow of this Age

By Radha Bhatt

Gandhi called swadeshi as swadeshi dharma. It was an integral part of his eleven vows. He described it as the greatest vow of the age. Therefore, to look at this revolutionary human value merely as an instrument to overcome the present state of economic crisis is not only unfair but also to lose its real strength.

In fact, economy is not so an important aspect of human existence as it is being made out today. Material achievement is nothing more than a means in the context of wholesome life of man. It can never become an end or the purpose of human existence. Therefore, any economic system which takes the creation of wealth as an end in itself could never achieve a solid foundation. We have to understand the intricacies of present worldwide economic crisis. We can easily see that the greatest weakness of the present thinking is that we have made consumerism as the primary aim of our life. A country like ours with its ancient culture had had an entirely different view of material wealth. For us the real wealth comprised of air, water, nature, land, ether etc. It meant that all those resources which were needed for the sustenance of human life actually constituted the real wealth. 

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Gandhi Journal Article - I

Learning Unfettered in the Management Classroom: Experiential Learning

By Dr Aparna Rao


Challenges for Management Educators
Preference for management education is an increasingly global trend in career planning. Growing demand has led to varying needs and expectations from this field. The spectrum of aspirants for management education ranges from undergraduates to experienced and senior professionals, from employed personnel to entrepreneurs, from primary sectors like agriculture and mining to tertiary sectors like banking services to secondary sectors like manufacturing and production.
The varied demographics of students opting for management studies results in equally varied perceptions about age, qualifications and experience for enrollment for MBA. Management courses being offered are aimed at meeting the various kinds of demands. This reflects in the numerous courses offering MBA or its equivalent. These requirements have triggered a wide range of courses catering to different segments of the population - full time two year courses to one year, to six months to distance learning to online courses in management education.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

2013 Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarships for International Students in San Diego, USA

2013 Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarships for International Students in San Diego, USA

mahatma gandhi

The San Diego Indian American Society offers Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarships in USA. This scholarship is for pursuing undergraduate degree. Ten scholarships are awarded San Diego county high school graduates every year. The International students in USA can apply for this scholarship. Selection criteria are academic excellence, community involvement, financial need and educational background of parents, statement of purpose, recommendation, and essay.

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