Saturday, September 22, 2018


Soul Force: New Book on Valliamma

Soul Force: Valliamma Found Herself No Longer a Child, Not Yet a Woman, But an Activist

Written by: Suzanne Franco
Pages: 428 pages

PriceRs. 390/-

Published by: Notion Press, Inc.

About the Book:

An exemplary biography on Valliamma Mudailar, a fierce soul who was martyred in the passive South African liberation struggle.

Unlike most teenagers her age, in the face of danger and adversity, Valliamma Mudliar, showed no sign of fear.

Under the hardship of white oppression in South Africa during the early 1900's,
Valliamma and her Satyagrahi sisters are desperate to carry out their mission as they bravely march along endless dirt roads, pressing on across forbidden provincial borders. The Regime's brutal and unforgiving law enforcement waiting for them - weapons in hand.

"Valliamma, you do not regret having gone to jail?" Mohandas Gandhi asked the ailing girl. 

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