Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Newsletter: A unique way of donation

An Extraordinary Example of Application of Trusteeship Principles

By Rajnikumar Pandya
A unique way of donation
Virtual Gandhi in South Africa
A young man residing in America happened to read Narayan Desai's Gujarati volumes on Gandhiji's life titled 'Maaru Jeevan ej Maari Vaani'. (My Life is My Message). After reading this book he wept all night. Gandhij's mantra "You are not the owner of your wealth but just a trustee of that wealth and what is for the good of the whole society is good for me" touched his heart in such a way that it changed his whole life. He realised that you experience far greater and lasting pleasure in spending money for the needy compared to the momentary pleasure and happiness you feel after spending more than required for your needs. To spread this message of Gandhiji and publicise these book, he has donated 75 lakh rupees to the Navjeevan Trust. He, in addition, regularly provides lakhs of rupees to other institutions undertaking constructive work, all this anonymously without expecting any publicity in return.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gandhi Journal Article-III : Revolutionary Gandhi, Marx and Mao

Gandhi Journal Article-III (December 2014)

Revolutionary Gandhi, Marx and Mao

By Vimla Thakar

Of the learned emancipators and revolutionary visionaries of the twentieth century whose only concern was the welfare and prosperity of the humanity and who put forth their views on science and essence of revolution, we shall touch upon Marx and Mao only very briefly.
The third visionary, Gandhi, was born in this land. Even though these great enlightened visionaries and reformers are born in a particular land, a particular religion, community or class, their vision is not limited to that narrow social milieu in which they take birth. Their philosophy is not limited and narrow or circumscribed by geographical boundaries. Their vision encompasses the whole humanity. Indians saw Mahatma Gandhi as one such pioneering revolutionary philosopher in the role of a leader of India's freedom struggle.


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Friday, December 5, 2014

Gandhi Journal Article-II

Gandhi Journal Article-II (December 2014)

Gandhi and Globalisation

By Dr. Tabassum Sheikh

In dealing with the subject of Globalization and Gandhi I would like to first bring out Globalization, it’s negative, disruptive, exploitative and marginalized aspect and the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi as to how it can prove to bring solutions to the problems brought about by Globalization.
Globalization is defined by intellectuals and thinkers as the process of integrating and opening markets across national borders. It is a process of increasing interdependence in the world. This free flow is related to ideas, goods, services, money, values, aims, culture across the national frontiers. It is shaping a new era of interaction among nations, economies and people. As a result it has increased the contacts between people across national boundaries in economy, in technology, in culture and governance; it is also fragmenting production process, labour markets, political entities and societies. While globalization has positive, innovative, dynamic aspects it also has negative, disruptive, exploitative and marginalized aspects. The entire process of globalization is highly controversial, raising great concern about national sovereignty, corporate responsibility, equity for the world’s poorest people. It is a complex phenomenon and its complexities are likely to increase with the unfolding of the process.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gandhi Journal Article - I : Towards a Gandhian Educational System

Gandhi Journal Article-I (December 2014)

Towards a Gandhian Educational System

Though India became politically independent, the impact of British colonialism continued in all facets of Indian life. Literally independent India followed all institutions and systems of the colonial period with slight modifications. Everybody thought that after independence, the system of education will radically change, but nothing of that sort happened and practically the same system of education continued.

Education plays an important role in the life of an individual. In fact, school is the place where the life of a pupil is moulded. The great philosopher, Leo Tolstoy said about the impact of his school as follows: ‘It was all my life, it was my monastery, my church in which I redeemed myself while being saved from all the anxieties, doubts and temptations of life.’

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