Friday, December 9, 2016

Gandhi Journal Article-II ( December 2016 ) - Swadeshi: The greatest vow of this age

Gandhi Journal Article-II ( December 2016 ) 

Swadeshi: The greatest vow of this age

By Radha Bhatt 
Gandhi called swadeshi as swadeshi dharma. It was an integral part of his eleven vows. He described it as the greatest vow of the age. Therefore, to look at this revolutionary human value merely as an instrument to overcome the present state of economic crisis is not only unfair but also to lose its real strength.

In fact, economy is not so an important aspect of human existence as it is being made out today. Material achievement is nothing more than a means in the context of wholesome life of man. It can never become an end or the purpose of human existence. Therefore, any economic system which takes the creation of wealth as an end in itself could never achieve a solid foundation. We have to understand the intricacies of present worldwide economic crisis. We can easily see that the greatest weakness of the present thinking is that we have made consumerism as the primary aim of our life. A country like ours with its ancient culture had had an entirely different view of material wealth. For us the real wealth comprised of air, water, nature, land, ether etc. It meant that all those resources which were needed for the sustenance of human life actually constituted the real wealth. Unfortunately, today wealth is measured in terms of money which is printed on paper and used in exchange. It is eating into the vitals of rich heritage and prosperity of the world. Thus, the world economic crisis is unnecessarily being overemphasised.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

On a digital mission to spread Gandhi's words

On a digital mission to spread Gandhi's words Gandhi website

An interactive website set up by a Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal is proving that even in the age of fast paced technological change, the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi do not become obsolete., the largest online repository of writings on the life, work and philosophy of Gandhi, garners around 9,500 visits per day, from around 200 countries, showing that people from around the world continue to be inspired by Gandhi’s messages of peace and non-violence.

...It is a comprehensive source of information about Gandhi, with around 50,000 pages of Gandhi’s writing in 100 volumes, six different biographies and about 800 articles on Gandhi’s views on a variety of topics including environment, education, politics, management and economics. Over 150 e-books on Gandhi are available for free download on the website.

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