Monday, January 30, 2017

The Last Day of Mahatma Gandhi

The Last Day Of Mahatma Gandhi

V Kalyanam


Mahatma Gandhi arrived in Delhi on Tuesday, 9 September 1947, from Calcutta. He was staying in Birla House at Albuquerque Road (now renamed Tees January Marg—30th January Road). A large carpeted room with an attached toilet was placed at his disposal for use by his entourage. This was an all-purpose room in the ground floor of the huge mansion. A thick cotton mattress and a huge pillow to recline, with a desk in front, was placed in one corner of the room. At the other end was a table and chair piled with correspondence. Gandhiji usually spent the whole day here attending to his correspondence, talking to people, spinning his charkha and taking his midday siesta. There was also a balcony, fully enclosed with glass doors, adjoining the room where he would sleep at nights on the carpeted floor, along with the rest of us.

Friday, 30 January 1948, dawned like any other day. We never knew what was going to happen in the evening. We got up as usual for our prayers at 3.30. We went about our daily routine with no thought about what the day had in store for us. Gandhiji roused his grand niece Abha to get up.

After his ablutions, Gandhiji came out of the toilet and squatted on the mattress. We sat before him. Gandhiji’s day always commenced with prayer. He described prayer as the key of the morning and bolt of the evening. His prayers included recitations from the scriptures of all religions, particularly Hindusim and Islam, in order to stress the essential unity of all religions.

(V Kalyanam, personal secretary to Mahatma Gandhi, recounts Friday, January 30, 1948, moment-by-moment—the day when the Mahatma was shot. V Kalyanam was just behind Gandhi when Naturam Godse fired his shots.)

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Discounted sale of Gandhi's books begins on Jan 30

Discounted sale of Gandhi's books begins on Jan 30


Various books on and by Mahatma Gandhi will be available for sale at discounted prices to mark his 69th death anniversary which falls on January 30.

The books will be available at a stall at Hutatma Chowk in Fort area and at Gandhi Book Centre in Nana Chowk, Mumbai.

...Top-selling books like 'An Autobiography' of Mahatma Gandhi worth Rs. 80/- will be available at Rs. 40/- and 'Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi', which is a set of five books running into 2,500 pages, for Rs. 300/-

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Book Published: GANDHI in BOMBAY: Towards Swaraj

GANDHI in BOMBAY : Towards Swaraj

Written By:
 Usha Thakker, Sandhya Mehta

Foreword byBhikhu Parekh

First Published : 30th December, 2016

Price : Rs. 795/-

Published by : Oxford University Press, India.

About the Book:
Gandhi in Bombay is interspersed with the Mahatma’s letters, speeches, published writings and 50 rare photographs depicting important events in Bombay. Together they project a scintillating vision of the city in the throes of the independence movement.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Gandhi Journal Article-II ( January 2017 ) - MAHATMA GANDHI : A real friend

Gandhi Journal Article-II ( January 2017 ) 

MAHATMA GANDHI : A real friend

By The Earl Mountbatten of Burma 

In the course of my life I have had the good fortune to get to know many of the world's leaders and in my career to have served with many men of outstanding talent. In the long catalogue I recall only a few that I would describe without hesitation as truly great men. I have no hesitation however in placing Mahatma Gandhi in this very short list of the elect of our times.

I only came into contact with him at the end of his life at a point when, in political terms at any rate, his power was beginning to wane or at least he was withdrawing from the front line of responsibility. The unavoidable accent on parti­tion in the Transfer of Power meant a bitter frustration of his life-long aims and ideals—to him it appeared more as vivisec­tion than victory. In such circumstances of partial eclipse he might have left a blurred impression, or appear to have done so; but from the first encounter my wife and I were both aware that here was a unique personality, one whose authority transcended the normal bounds of human leadership; one who quickly became a real friend.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Gandhi Journal Article-I ( January 2017 ) - Trusteeship

Gandhi Journal Article-I ( January 2017 ) 


By Dhiru Mehta 
The business community hailed the economic policy of liberalization and globalization first enunciated by Manmohan Singh in 1991 as finance Minister of our country in the Government of P. V. Narasimha Rao. The same policy continued to guide the later governments. In the thinking on economic policy and matter there is no substantial difference between the different governments. Our country has practiced socialist economic policies for 40 years from 1951 to 1992. Since then the governments have been following policies of liberalization and globalization. At the advent of independence, the combined population of India then consisting of present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh was around 40 crores. Today the people living below poverty line in India alone are over 42 crores. It is reported that 1% of the population of the world would 99% of the resources of its wealth by 2016. The case of India is not much different. This clearly shows that neither socialism nor liberalization is the correct instruments for the economic growth and prosperity of this country. For solving countries economic problems one has to accept Gandhi’s economic solutions. Pandit Nehru realized it in his last days, which was too late for him to change the course. Advocates of present economic policy are getting highly intoxicated. The one of the idea of Gandhi’s economics was the concept of “Trusteeship”.


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