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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gandhi Journal Article-III : Revolutionary Gandhi, Marx and Mao

Gandhi Journal Article-III (December 2014)

Revolutionary Gandhi, Marx and Mao

By Vimla Thakar

Of the learned emancipators and revolutionary visionaries of the twentieth century whose only concern was the welfare and prosperity of the humanity and who put forth their views on science and essence of revolution, we shall touch upon Marx and Mao only very briefly.
The third visionary, Gandhi, was born in this land. Even though these great enlightened visionaries and reformers are born in a particular land, a particular religion, community or class, their vision is not limited to that narrow social milieu in which they take birth. Their philosophy is not limited and narrow or circumscribed by geographical boundaries. Their vision encompasses the whole humanity. Indians saw Mahatma Gandhi as one such pioneering revolutionary philosopher in the role of a leader of India's freedom struggle.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Book Published : Revolutionary Gandhi

A great revolutionary appraises the greatest revolutionary of modern times
By : Pannalal Dasgupta   Translated from Bengali byK. V. Subrahmonyan
Published by : Earthcare Books, 10 Middleton Street, Kolkata, West Bengal,  700 071 India.
Pages : 490+24     Price : Rs. 395/-

About the Book:
Pannalal Dasgupta (aka Panna Babu) wrote the Bengali original of this outstanding, insightful book on Gandhi in 1954-55, when imprisoned in the Alipore Central Jail. An indomitable revolutionary himself, he realised that Gandhi was indeed an extraordinary revolutionary who sought a radical change in the human condition, which could not be brought about without causing a ferment in society.