Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Book Published : Revolutionary Gandhi

A great revolutionary appraises the greatest revolutionary of modern times
By : Pannalal Dasgupta   Translated from Bengali byK. V. Subrahmonyan
Published by : Earthcare Books, 10 Middleton Street, Kolkata, West Bengal,  700 071 India.
Pages : 490+24     Price : Rs. 395/-

About the Book:
Pannalal Dasgupta (aka Panna Babu) wrote the Bengali original of this outstanding, insightful book on Gandhi in 1954-55, when imprisoned in the Alipore Central Jail. An indomitable revolutionary himself, he realised that Gandhi was indeed an extraordinary revolutionary who sought a radical change in the human condition, which could not be brought about without causing a ferment in society. 

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