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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Portable Gandhi Photo Exhibition


Published by National Gandhi Museum, New Delhi, India.

Portable Gandhi Photo Exhibition

The meaning of Gandhi's life is inexhaustible. He was a unique leader. His uniqueness sprang from his compassion for human being and his ceaseless striving for Truth. Success or failure as we understand it has little significance for him in this striving.

The story of this great man needs to be told, especially to our younger generation, in countless ways. National Gandhi Museum has published 'PORTABLE GANDHI PHOTO EXHIBITION' (a Set of 100 posters) which contains, English-Hindi blingual description of Gandhi's life along with a photograph to exhibit the Mahatma's life in shools, colleges, institutions and social service centers.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Gandhi relics on display, Gandhi Museum gets new website

Gandhi relics on display, Gandhi Museum gets new website

National Gandhi Museum

Razor, fountain pens, spectacles used by Mahatma Gandhi and bangles, vermilion, shawl and jacket used by Kasturba Gandhi from 1942 to 1948 were today put on exhibition by National Gandhi Museum, on the occasion of International Museum Day. 
The relics used by the Gandhis, 32 in all, also included soap-box, a small clock, brass 'diya', stone and a steel bowl, woolen rug, thread and needle, a spinning wheel, jute slippers among others have been acquired by the museum from Manubehn Gandhi's collection.
Manubehn, one of the grand niece of Mahatma Gandhi who had joined him during the Quit India Movement (1942) and stayed with Kasturba and him till his last breath in 1948, had kept these relics preserved, said A Annamalai, Director of the Museum. 
Also a new website of the National Gandhi Museum -www.Gandhimuseum.Org- was launched which aims to provide the museum's resources including text, audio-video footage and photographs online.