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Friday, August 17, 2012

New Book Published : New book on Socio-Economic Development of Tribal Women


New book on Socio=Economic Development of Tribal Women
By : Rekha Talmaki

Published by : The Women Press, Delhi

Pages : 23 + 222

Price : INR 895/-

About the Book:

Rekha Talmaki has made a serious and commendable effort at conducting survey based research on socio-economic status of tribal women in Valod (South Gujarat) where committed Gandhian workers have dedicated more than 5 decades of their lives in village development activities based on Gandhian principles. Her personal field visits have played crucial role in bringing new insights and analysis with gender lens. She has examined tribal women’s predicaments in the context of status of women in India in general where main factors in determining socio-economic status have been income, education and occupation. She has provided an exhaustive literature review focusing on occupational life, health profile of tribal women and tribal women’s status in the family decision making. She has also evaluated the situation to find out to what extent Gandhian ideology of Antyodaya is implemented vis-a-vis tribal women, who are the poorest of the poor in the economic ladder and at the bottom of the pyramid.