Thursday, February 9, 2012

Non-violence : A Force for Radical Change

Non-violence : A Force for Radical Change
By Narayan Desai
Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad, India (the University founded by Mahatma Gandhi)

The days that have been chosen for this international Congress on Peace and Non-violence are more significant than probably what we think about it. 30th January is the death anniversary of Gandhi. But I consider 29th January also to be important. It was on this day, Gandhi mentioned about his own death. It seems that he foresaw his death. During the year 1947 he repeated the vision thrice. He said to his grand-niece one day before his death. ‘If I die of any common disease, please announce to the world that Gandhi was not a Mahatma. But if I would be going for my prayers, and somebody comes and shoots at me, and I receive the bullets on my open chest, and have the name of God on my lips without having any ill will or hatred in my heart, then tell the world that I was an humble servant of God’. He was also foreseeing and describing which was going happen the next day. READ MORE

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