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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Vinoba's Bhoodan Movement: An Overview

Vinoba's Bhoodan Movement: An Overview


On 18 April, 1951, Vinoba got 100 acres of land as donation in Pochampalli village of Andhra Pradesh. Thus, triggered the phenomenal Bhoodan-Gramdan and people’s movement. Now more than 60 years have gone by and it is now time to attempt having an overview of the movement.

In reality, the movement was only part of an overarching movement called Sarvodaya. Therefore, when we attempt to overview Bhoodan, the context would be the entire Sarvodaya movement.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gandhi Journal Article - III

Bhoodana, Gramadana, Gramaswaraj, and Sarvodaya : Nature, Philosophy and Performance

By L. M. Bhole

...What is Bhoodana? Bhoo means land and "dana" means giving or donation or gift by someone when giving comes from the heart and out of love. In "dana" no one demands and yet the giver gives because he feels like giving. Although the term "dana" is mostly used to mean gift or donation, Shankaracharya has defined "dana" as "danam sanvibhagaha", i.e., "dana" means equitable distribution. Bhoodana thus means gift or donation or giving of land with love to those who are landless by those who possess at least some land. The first bhoodana took place on April 18, 1951 at Pochampalli in Andhra Pradesh (AP) in India when Ramachandra Reddy gave 100 acres of his land to landless people in that village.