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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Physical Labour ( Body Labour )

Physical Labour
A farmer, while he was ploughing his field, once asked, “kindly tell me about the dignity of labour”. In response, he said, “perform physical labour so that you are in unison with the universe and the soul of universe.
To be lazy and to be indifferent to the seasons amount to walking against the very process of life that marches towards the infinite, taking pride in the total surrender.
When you are performing labour, you are like a flute which transforms the soft sound made by the passing time into divine music the moment it comes in contact with the soul of the flute. And when the whole universe is resonating a symphony in one voice, who among you wants to be a dumb, voiceless machine?
You have always been taught that to perform physical labour is a curse and anyone performing it is unfortunate. But I’m telling you that performing labour is the same as loving life. To love life by performing labour is to unfold the secrets of life.
- Khalil Gibran