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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gandhi Journal Article - I

Mahatma Gandhi Global Village a Model of Basic Education:
To Teach Self Reliance & Respect for Manual Labour

By Dr. Umakant Chanshetti and Ms. Sangita Shah

In the present scenario of education it is anomaly that education has not been able to give right direction to our youths and it does not provide them opportunities for their all round development or make them self reliant. In our country 80% of population is belongs to agriculture and 10% occupied in serving the needs of them. Now a days the students may pass and earn degree or degrees with first or higher division or may acquire the highest degree, but even though they does not become self reliant and unable to face the challenges. So to overcome this situation there is need of such education which was predicted by Mahatma Gandhi viz ‘Basic Education’ or ‘Nai-Talim’. In Boramani village of Sholapur district “Mahatma Gandhi Global Village” endeavors to provide education with the views of Mahatma Gandhi, which shows effective and positive results among the children.