Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gandhi Journal Article - I

Swadeshi, Globalization and Agricultural Women Workers

By Gurpinder Kumar*

Swadeshi term is used for that where a country produce all the goods it needs from its own resources. It’s included that inside the country every village/region that produce all it needs by using own local resources. Gandhi used to say that Swadeshi Dharma demands that India should boycott all foreign goods, even if they might be beneficial to it. Swadeshi means also that the things in our country are available in the village should enjoy the same things together whether it's agriculture, small industry, etc. Handy-crafted items as needed according to the access should be use. Sacrifice of Swadeshi relatives also had to pay so it should serve the household. Human beings are not able to do everything themselves. But they are able to serve their neighbours. To nurture the spirit of Swadeshi one could keep on dealing with his neighbour and he can do business also. Things we can produce in the country should not be imported from abroad. In word Swadeshi is neighbourly Feeling of affinity. But at presently country importing all kind goods from abroad. Its effect the economy of country as well as living condition & economic structure of country’s people.


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